Document Delivery / Interlibrary Loan

All Nyack Hospital staff are welcome to submit requests.

Please send citations via e-mail. Please provide contact information, including a valid e-mail address, in case clarification is needed.

Unless otherwise specified, articles will be sent to your e-mail address as PDF attachments.

Photocopier / Fax Use

A photocopier is available for your convenience when the Library is open. There is no charge for hospital or library-related copies.

A fax machine is available only for urgent work-related transactions during normal business hours. Please inquire in the Library Office.

Access to Computers

No food and drink is allowed near the computers as well as in the Library.

Four workstations are available in the Library for staff. Two are for physicians, nurses, and other allied health staff who are doing ‘privacy-oriented’ searches.

All computers have internet access, Gateway access, and access to various programs used in the hospital, such as Paragon Information System.

Updated MS Office software, including Word and Excel, is available.

Computer use is monitored closely. Please be respectful of the privilege of using these computers. We appreciate your cooperation.

Laptop Computers

Bring your own laptop into the Library. Nyack Hospital has free public Wi-Fi access throughout the Hospital.