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Introducing Nyack Hospital 'MULTIsearch' - Federated Search Service

Developed by Deep Web Technologies (DWT) (<>) in consultation with the Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources, xSearch (<>) is a locally named and customized version of DWT’s federated search service that can search within many resources at one time in medicine and nursing.

Introducing new CME Course:

Here is our expansion of the program for CME Credits to use with the followings:

1.  This course – ‘Inhalation Technique Teaching Practices for Physicians’ -  opportunity for CME course which will help our physicians in obtaining CME credits;

ClinicalKey replaces MDConsult in Nyack Virtual Medical Library!

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 Elsevier's ClinicalKey  on the hospital network AND available from home or office with hospital username and password!


Increasing Efficiency With Mobile Tablet Computers (Apple iPads)

The ever-growing use of electronic health records (EHRs) and information needs of patients have increased time away from the bedside and the need to use computer workstations whenever they become available. Some medical centers have adopted tablet computers because they can process information much quicker and are less cumbersome than when they first came on the market.

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Nyack's Virtual Library expands to include over 800 e-books and 600+ e-journals available in the hospital or for NH staff at home or in office using the NH Library ID and password. Contact your Medical Librarian if you need assistance.

Most of ClinicalKey book and journal titles in catalog. New content also in STAT!Ref and Access Medicine.

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